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With a design life of over 1 million closures , and an operating temperature range of -40 to +80 degrees celsius, the membrane keypad has become a standard component in today's electronic products.

The list is of course 'endless', but applications include:

    • Medical Equipment
    • Telecommunications apparatus
    • Telephone systems
    • Household appliances
    • Security systems
    • Point of sale apparatus
    • Industrial controls
    • Access control systems.....

What started out as a simple, non feedback, 'switch in a label', has progressed into  a sophisticated key component of  many  electronic systems:


Tactile feedback, combined with software generated 'beeps', has removed the initial user resistance of not knowing whether or not the switch had been pressed.

By selectively texturing the exterior of the keypad, you can design in transparent and coloured windows, and also velvet and smooth textures.

Surface mount components, such as LED's, have all become part of the keypad, reducing cost, and ensuring ease of final assembly.

EMI, RFI and ESD Shielding, a very important  consideration in today's environment can all be added, to allow the product to operate in the way it has been designed.

The following pages take you through the various types and techniques available, and give you  the confidence to take your design from computer screen to reality.

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