Popular Keypad Types

The Mylar Dome Keypad

The Metal Dome Keypad

The Non Tactile Keypad

The Embossed Overlay Keypad

Technical Specifications

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The Metal Dome Keypad

The Metal Dome Keypad differs from the Mylar Dome in so far as the tactile feel is obtained by inserting a metal dome in between the Graphic Overlay and the Lower Circuit. This then gives a more 'clicky' tactile sensation when the switch is pressed.

It offers a  cost effective solution to those designers who want more of a tactile feel.  (However, due to the extra work and material will inevitably cost more than the Mylar Dome Keypad).

Again, with an operating life of greater than one million closures, this is a very frequently chosen option.


a: Graphic Overlay, with the polyester dome embossed into it. All the graphic is reverse printed on.


c:Metal Dome.

d:Lower circuit is printed on to this layer. Self adhesive layer is then added.

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Popular Keypad Types