Popular Keypad Types

The Mylar Dome Keypad

The Metal Dome Keypad

The Non Tactile Keypad

The Embossed Overlay Keypad

Technical Specifications

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The Non Tactile Keypad

The Non Tactile Keypad is used when no tactile feedback is required, and keypad life and cost is of great importance.

It is naturally the least costly of the options, and with an operating life of greater than five million closures, this option is chosen  for applications where data entry via the keypad is carried out frequently.

This technique is also used on all other types of keypad where a Hidden or 'Secret' key is required.


a: Graphic Overlay. All the graphic is reverse printed on. Top circuit is printed onto the Graphic Overlay after the graphics have been printed.


c:Lower circuit is printed on to this layer. Self adhesive layer is then added.

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Popular Keypad Types